Giddy Bright Vintage

I have always loved bright colors. Really anything different in textile, print or texture intrigues me. So when my sister and I were younger, we would take my mimi’s shoe collection and display them on the marble and glass pieces in her formal living room. We would then proceed to charge her for her shoes back. We had created a high quality shoe store and she was glad to pay our exorbitant price of 10 cents a pair. I have credited my Mimi with the desire for fine vintage fashion.  So shortly after Jason and I got married, I started Giddy Bright Vintage. I loved scouring the thrift stores and estate sales for amazing vintage items that I would wear/use myself. It has been fun and thrilling and is a huge part of my life.

GBV GBVStarting a business can be a very scary thing, but pushing it and sticking with it is almost harder. It is so worth it though. GBV gbv

giddybrightvintage on Etsy


That is great, I just wanted to add...

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