Commonwealth Coffee Roasters

Jason is a dreamer and a doer. In college, he needed more time to study and less time working. So he quit his job and started making and selling pizzas from his apt. He gets the “you have to follow through on a dream to make it a reality” concept. So when Jason told me that he wanted to build a bicycle with an espresso machine on it to solely run on propane, I said ok.

He found an espresso machine and spent 4 months cleaning/fixing/cleaning/converting to gas/cleaning it. He designed a bike cart and found some guys to build it. Every dream has to start somewhere and Jason made sure to simply start.DSC_0018

He would set up “shop” at a local bike shop on Saturdays and I became the helper (cheerleader, cashier, eye candy:)

  DSC_0036-001blog-013 Commonwealth

Fast forward 6 months later, we are packing all of our 1st home together in Dallas and moving to Denver, Colorado to try and continue this dream of owning a coffee roasting company. The bicycle cart has become a part of the business, but that is not all. Commonwealth Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster, wholesaler and specialty coffee company. Jason and Ryan (co-owner) roast, sell and work the bicycle cart. There are major ideas coming in the future: including an Airstream Trailer built out as a cafe.

DSC_0294-001 DSC_0405 DSC_0392 DSC_0084-001You can find them: instagram- @commonwealthcoffee, Twitter- @CommonwealthDen, Website-


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