Tips for Mixing Patterns

I love color and patterns. There is something about vibrant clothing that just makes me excited. Because of this, I like to take a few chances with the clothing that I wear. One of my favorite things to do is mix patterns. Although there aren’t any  rules for what you can and cant try, I have compiled a few tips to make it easy (listed them in least frightening to more frightening order).

Tips for mixing patternstips for mixing patterns-001Tip 1: Same pattern different colors- I just blew my title with the first tip. I know that using the same pattern shouldn’t qualify as mixing patterns, but it feels like it when those patterns are different colors or size. Try, for example,  2 polka dots or stripe patterns. It is especially easy when one of the patterns is more subtle.  tips for mixing patterns-002

tips for mixing patterns-003Tip 2: Same color different patterns- Hold on, this is where it gets wild 🙂 Honestly, this is easier than you think. Like me, most people tend to gravitate towards certain colors. If you were to survey your closet you would probably find many “like” colors in your tops, pants and skirts. One thing to remember when mixing these is the fewer “extra colors” the less you’ll look like a walking eye bender. Also, repeating prints work great with this; they function like classic pieces and seem normal.


tips for mixing patterns-004 tips for mixing patterns-005Tip 3: Play with geometry- I have mentioned how I love floral prints and would wear them everyday if I could, but they are very difficult to mix. However, geometric patterns with their lines and well… geometry, are great to mix. Like tip 2, try to stick within the same color schemes with  few extra colors. You are free to try triangles, circles, stripes, diamonds, and squares. Example 1, 2


If these seem scary to you, start with tip 1. Try more subtle patterns and then move down the list. The more you try it the mor confident you will be.

Happy mixing.


Style 18: My Comfort Zone

I think if you were to ask me to throw on what I felt the most comfortable in, I would grab a variation of this every time.style18-004style18 style18-006style18-007   Top-Forever21, Jeans- Blank, Shoes- Vintage Bass…It is difficult to see, but I used this tutorial braided on my hair.

Style 17: Hello, My Name is Helga

style 17That is my “here I am, don’t you love it” face for Jason. He doesn’t hate anything I wear, but the long, flowing, draping clothes remind him of a Renaissance fair and not his wife. Furthermore, every time I have wrap around braids he begins talking to me in his best accent….but I love this style every now and again and I love hearing his accent…so I continue braid my hair this way. style 17-002 style 17-003 style 17-001Top-BB Couture, Skirt- New York & Co, Shoes- Unisa (seen here), Cardigan- Fenn Wright Manson (found thrifting…4 sizes too big), Belt- thrift find


Style 16: Real and Natural Hair Day

As I mentioned before, we have had tons of crazy weather recently. Well I guess it is crazy compared to the weather I thought Colorado would have. Today it is raining large drops and on days like these, it is pointless to try to do anything with my hair (the moisture in the air has its way with me no matter what). So just be prepared for the frizz and poof and curls. style16-001 style16-003I have grown up dealing with moisture in the air. My 8th grade math teacher (who was an odd man) told me once that he liked how my hair just “poofed over” <– I would like everyone to think that I mastered the frizz poof, but sadly that has never been the case…I just embrace it!style16style16-004 style16 Top-Halogen, Jeans-Gap Always Skinny, Shoes- Miu Miu, Belt-Thrifted

Style 15: Snow White and the Dwarf Horse

I was told several times in high school that I should appreciate my pale, white skin (“consider Nicole Kidman…”), but for some reason in the midst of everyone else’s golden tan bodies…I just couldn’t appreciate it like I “should” until now. How many of us would go back and plead to our high school self to appreciate the differences we possess?
style15-006style15 style15 style15-002 style15-005 style15-004Shirt-J.crew, Shorts- Supplies, Shoes-Unisa, Dwarf horse broach-vintage (ebay), Belt-thrift find


Style 14: Cooler Weather Vibes

The windows in our home stay open 24/7 these days. I love this time of the year. Normally “this time of the year” is a two week stent in March/April, but here, near the mountains,the weather is so 14-002 style 14 style 14-003 style 14-001 style 14-004 Top-Ann Taylor, Skirt- Porridge, Belt- Anthropologie, Sunglasses- Anthropologie, Shoes- Saltwater Sandals

Style 13: Blue Beaches

I am blown away that today in the middle of May, it is snowing… a lot. Colorado is totally blowing my mind and I am not sure that I hate it. However, I love how shortly after a good snow, the sun comes out and quickly melts it all. I am very monochromatic today because I wanted to wear my palm tree top in anticipation of the sun coming back. style blue style blueDon’t worry, I threw on my yellow rain coat to go outside. Denver snowfall ruins all my preconceived notions about snowy states. It is surprisingly warm even though the air is full of snow. All I really need is a light jacket with a hood.  Is this how most snowy states are? I just have no idea. style blue Style blue style blue

Top- Kensie, Jeans- Gap High Rise Skinny, Shoes- Minnetonka, Nail Polish- Sally Hansen Wet Cement (<–very appropriate)