Tips for Mixing Patterns

I love color and patterns. There is something about vibrant clothing that just makes me excited. Because of this, I like to take a few chances with the clothing that I wear. One of my favorite things to do is mix patterns. Although there aren’t any  rules for what you can and cant try, I have compiled a few tips to make it easy (listed them in least frightening to more frightening order).

Tips for mixing patternstips for mixing patterns-001Tip 1: Same pattern different colors- I just blew my title with the first tip. I know that using the same pattern shouldn’t qualify as mixing patterns, but it feels like it when those patterns are different colors or size. Try, for example,  2 polka dots or stripe patterns. It is especially easy when one of the patterns is more subtle.  tips for mixing patterns-002

tips for mixing patterns-003Tip 2: Same color different patterns- Hold on, this is where it gets wild 🙂 Honestly, this is easier than you think. Like me, most people tend to gravitate towards certain colors. If you were to survey your closet you would probably find many “like” colors in your tops, pants and skirts. One thing to remember when mixing these is the fewer “extra colors” the less you’ll look like a walking eye bender. Also, repeating prints work great with this; they function like classic pieces and seem normal.


tips for mixing patterns-004 tips for mixing patterns-005Tip 3: Play with geometry- I have mentioned how I love floral prints and would wear them everyday if I could, but they are very difficult to mix. However, geometric patterns with their lines and well… geometry, are great to mix. Like tip 2, try to stick within the same color schemes with  few extra colors. You are free to try triangles, circles, stripes, diamonds, and squares. Example 1, 2


If these seem scary to you, start with tip 1. Try more subtle patterns and then move down the list. The more you try it the mor confident you will be.

Happy mixing.


Etsy Finds: Looming Realities and Handmade Beauties

As a point of update, I realize that it is not possible for me to ride my bike in a dress. I wasn’t the only one who thought the straight across bar on my bike was a “man bar.” After being backed in my suspicions, I broke down to Jason. He explained that it is just part of suitable and practical road bikes. Because that is so, it would be highly impractical and very impossible for me to wear a dress or skirt while biking. I have had a week now to deal with that fact and I am fine.

etsyfinds3 1. One of my favorite things about our whimsical home is that there is so much…SO MUCH storage. One of the things that bugs me the most now is that I don’t have enough fancy organizers to make the spaces actually useful. 2. Thinking outside the box completely, but I would use this crate in aforementioned storage as sleek, low shelves…for the little things. 3. These hooks are just too cool. 4. I absolutely love kilim and have a growing little collection, this large, bright pillow would fit perfectly in the wall benches/beds…<– they don’t have an appropriate name or purpose yet. 5. Our garden is growing and we have been able to eat things from it. I have never had a successful garden…nor air plant for that matter and now I want tons of growing things in our home and this is perfect to set them on. 6. I am a big fan of handmade textiles. I love this bag.

Style 18: My Comfort Zone

I think if you were to ask me to throw on what I felt the most comfortable in, I would grab a variation of this every time.style18-004style18 style18-006style18-007   Top-Forever21, Jeans- Blank, Shoes- Vintage Bass…It is difficult to see, but I used this tutorial braided on my hair.

Etsy Finds: Got My Bike on the Mind

This past weekend, we bought a bike for me. My first road bike. All I can think about is all the pretty things that I would love to add to it. Jason and I took it out over the weekend and I will share more about that tomorrow.

Bicycle Gear: Etsy Bike Accessories 1. This reflective helmet bow is just too cool. Why not dress up your helmet. 2. I know it is cliche, but I do want a bike basket. Though I think I can make one with a thrifted basket and leather I already have. Fingers crossed. 3. I am not sure what the purpose of this bicycle art is and I am not sure it is practical, but it is appealing. 4. I have a rack on the back of my bike…this leather case is perfect.

Dresses I would love to ride in*: etsy vintage dresses


5. This floral pattern dress is just perfect to match the flowers I might put in my homemade basket. 6. Blue is one of my favorite colors to wear and this simple dress is so easy. 7. I love the length on this bright blue dress because it would definitely cover on the up pedal.  8. I love this one mainly because white won’t show sweat that might accumulate…but I guess it might show other things.

*I am still skeptical that this is possible (though Naomi and Elsie both do it often). My bike has the “boy bar” as I like to call it…although, Jason has informed me there is no such thing. I am just used to the slanted bar across the middle. If I ever stepped off the seat, my dress would be up at my waist in no time. I will do some research and maybe some trials and let you know the results.

Style 17: Hello, My Name is Helga

style 17That is my “here I am, don’t you love it” face for Jason. He doesn’t hate anything I wear, but the long, flowing, draping clothes remind him of a Renaissance fair and not his wife. Furthermore, every time I have wrap around braids he begins talking to me in his best accent….but I love this style every now and again and I love hearing his accent…so I continue braid my hair this way. style 17-002 style 17-003 style 17-001Top-BB Couture, Skirt- New York & Co, Shoes- Unisa (seen here), Cardigan- Fenn Wright Manson (found thrifting…4 sizes too big), Belt- thrift find


Etsy Finds: Father’s Day

I am on Etsy almost every single day. I love being inspired by what people are creating and finding. I also love how people photograph. It really does inspire me in so many different ways. I thought I would start sharing 10 of my favorite finds each week followed by my very serious and insightful thoughts on each item.

Things for Father’s Day:

Etsy finds11. This amazing cooler is even more cool because of the vibrant tartan print. 2. These planters would work well anywhere, but their geometric edges and hard texture make them perfect for a mans office. 3. I think these quirky bookends made of cast iron are a great fit in a man cave. 4. I have been searching for the perfect wood watch for me,  it would be a dream come true to match with dear old dad. 5. On Etsy, almost everything manly you can search for will yield results in leather…I guess it is textile of Manhood 6. I believe this is an antler…deer, dads, duh.

A few things to finish the bathroom: etsy finds1-001 7. I have been just setting my rings on the windowsill (which is close to the toilet) and…well lets just say it wouldn’t be the first time I have knocked very important things in to the porcelain thrown. 8. I have been looking for the perfect shelving to stand next to the sink. 9. I have tried to convince my dad to make me one of these for our toothbrushes…though flowers would freshen up the room. 10. I have always loved the idea of getting out of the shower and putting on my robe, I’ve never done it before, but I would like a place to hang my robe in case I start

This Week: We Feasted With Friends

scored 5Heard of an amazing estate sale this morning and made a quick trip. I was happy to fine a few amazing things including this old orange spirit cardigan and “amputate your fingers” fan. I had to do a little digging to find both.

As I mentioned earlier this week, Jason and I were in Arizona over the weekend. It is funny how quickly my body has adjusted to cooler weather. I was raised in Texas and could handle the hot humid summers. However, visiting Arizona (similar climate) I was such a baby and wanted to stay in the air conditioning the whole time. It is neat to think that we adapt to our environments. <–Very cool how our bodies were made.

We had a fun week of dinning with new and old friends. On Tuesday, we enjoyed incredible food on the back patio of some new friends’ home. They both work in the wine industry and were happy to share. I don’t really enjoy alcohol; I never developed a taste for it. That being said, I commented to Jason how I drank more wine this week than I have in my entire life (3 glasses over the course of 5 hours) . For some wild reason, fancy wine doesn’t burn and actually tastes sweet. On Wednesday night, we hosted “family dinner” (a regularly occurring dinner with our close friends) and shared a few bottles of wine that Jason had traded coffee for. They were also rather fancy and smooth and totally to my liking. Basically, I am realizing that all this time, I have just had too fancy a palette (can you pick up on the sarcasm in that statement?).

Commonwealth Coffee update: Word on the street is that the bags are in California and will be shipped to us by Monday of next week. We have waited with great anticipation to be able to “complete” the branding for our customers. As a result of that news, we have a few more out of state shops that are ready to serve our coffee and display our brand. The new workspace is still in progress and I will continue to wait to take photos until there is a little more reason to it. Starting a business is scary and hard and oh so exciting all at the same time and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Enjoy your weekend!