Bike to Work Day Denver

Hitting you twice this week with Commonwealth updates, but I just want to share all the fun. The “ups” are definitely worth sharing to remind us of all the fun this is and can be. Denver celebrated “Bike to Work” day on Wednesday. Jason, Ryan and I woke up at 5 am to serve coffee to bikes on their way into work. There were stations all over the city and we were happy to serve coffee at ours. There were pancakes, smoothies, sausages, and even a bike mechanic at our station. I forget how much I love mornings in the 2 work-005 bike 2 work-003 bike 2 work-004 bike 2 work-006 bike 2 work -001 bike 2 work day bike 2 work-007 bike to work bike 2 work-002 bike 2 work-001 bike 2 work bike 2 work-008

I also love getting to see Jason and Ryan interact with people. They do primarily wholesale right now, but both of them long for the coffee shop atmosphere. Jason comes alive when there are people around to share his product and hard work with. I can’t wait until they are able to open an espresso bar in the front of their roastery.


Commonwealth Space Progress

new space-004 new space-005 new space-002 new space-001 new spaceStarting a business is hard, stressful, full of ups and downs (people always say that and oh how it is so true), but it has been worth it. I won’t say that we haven’t been emotionally and physically exhausted on an almost constant basis. It has become our current normal…for better or worse, but we are learning to handle it. The guys have been working hard trying to finish their new production facility and future espresso bar. The walls are painted (thankfully…painting is my least favorite “make it look new” task) 2 shades. The original floors were uncovered revealing beautiful light toned wood. I have tried to contribute my expertise and assistance when available, but mainly just sat and encouraged the process. It won’t be long until this space is completely transformed with all the beans, bags and equipment. It is all just such a fun process….not always during, but in retrospect!

Dusting Off the Coffee Cart

With all the craziness going on with Commonwealth (moving, getting the bags, business trips), the cart has been in storage for the past few months. However on Saturday, Armitage & Mcmillan (a local men’s clothing shop) was throwing a party and asked if the guys would serve coffee for it. It was fun seeing Jason and Ryan in their element, but the most exciting part was debuting our new bags. There were fun drinks, Long I Pies and plenty of merriment to go around. coffee cart-009 coffee cart-007 coffee cart-003 coffee cart-004 coffee cart-010 coffee cart-006 coffee cart-001 coffee cart-002 coffee cart-005 coffee cart-012 coffee cartIf you would like to order coffee in these amazing bags you can go to Commonwealth’s website

This Week: Required a lot of Work

commonwealth coffeeDirt and trash and more dirt have consumed this week. I have been busting through the boxes at our home trying to unpack. I finally unpacked the last box yesterday!!!! (into a neat pile on the floor) and got rid of all our boxes. I had set aside yesterday as the day I would devote solely to organizing and beautifying the office/guest room, but that did not happen. Instead, my day was filled with many phone calls (all technical lame stuff) and many errands. I also caught up on several TV shows. As you can imagine, I feel very accomplished. I could work on the office today, but I am on a mission to get us a mattress. We didn’t want to have to haul our old mattress from Dallas and we didn’t end up having space for it anyway. So we have been living the dream on the air mattress since we moved in. Other than twice/night fill ups, it has been totally fine. Wish me luck with the mattress search. I feel like such an adult, I have never bought a mattress before…NEVER. I know you could jump to a lot of conclusions about my sleeping habits over the last 26 years, but don’t…I can explain later if there are major concerns :).

Jason spent the entire week working on the floors in their new workspace. It has taken a lot of time and manual labor for them this week, but I think the space will be beautiful and the original wood floors have so much character. I will post pictures of that soon. Jason came home in the evenings and I would promptly ask him to leave everything at the door and walk straight into the shower. I had to broom and shake his pants to get everything off. There is a lot of laundry to do this week.

In other news, that final steps of branding are almost complete for Commonwealth Coffee. We have been waiting on the bags to be done, but mostly because they were expertly designed and need to be expertly executed. Either way, the designs were featured on a design blog. You can see the photos and read a little about the work here. As hard as it is sometimes to start businesses and nurture them as they grow, I am loving the process. I can’t wait to share more and more about my experiences.

Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday Night in the World of Coffee People

DSC_0364-001Jason had a little event/gathering for Commonwealth on Saturday night. Since I would be alone in the house, I decided to join him. We drove to Boulder to serve coffee at a gathering of other roasters and coffee shops in Colorado. DSC_0365-001 DSC_0374-001 DSC_0369-001 It is hard to describe the world of coffee people. It is one level to understand a Starbucks menu, it is another level to understand a specialty coffee shop menu (just cappuccinos, lattes and espresso), but it is a completely different world to understand the words that come out of coffee people’s mouths when they are talking to each other. Although I am learning, Jason still talks to me at the specialty coffee shop level (thankfully).  DSC_0380-001 DSC_0382-001It is better for me to just enjoy Jason (and Ryan) in their element and ask Jason later what it means to use a sock in coffee brewing.  I am so extremely proud of these guys. They love their industry, they love their product and they work incredibly hard to share their passion and educate others about coffee so that everyone feels included in the conversation.

DSC_0384-001In case you were wondering, beards are not a requirement in the industry…they are just a bonus.


“This is crazy”

…is a common saying at our place these days. We are still in the starting stages of a new business and there are tons of exciting things that happen. Jason and I can only look at each other in excitement and say “this is crazy.”

This week was another one of those moments for us. His company website went live. I realize that in this day and age anyone can start a website (ten fingers pointed at me), but this feels like a new chapter in the “we started a business…what?!” book. commonwealth

It is so fun to “unveil” the amazing branding that was created for Commonwealth. It is also quite crazy that I had the opportunity to snap a lot of the photos for the site. It is a truly exciting and “pinch me” kind of week over here.