About Us

I met Jason during the first semester of my senior year in college. He had transferred in and I was ready to graduate out. However,  I literally felt weak when he first came walking up to me. Here is part 1 of that story. For the sake of length, we dated for 3 years before we got married in March of 2012.


I love thinking up new ideas and ways of doing things. I am constantly thinking of ideas for “Shark Tank” and Jason is constantly reminding me how they already exist. So instead, I live out another dream of owning my own business of selling vintage online.start here

Jason is loud, enthusiastic, caring, loving and the best husband I have ever had. He too is a dreamer. He dreams up something and then makes it happen with little to no fear. He is currently living out his dream of being my husband…oh and owning his own Coffee Roasting Company.

We currently live in a whimsical “treehouse” cottage in Denver.

About jason and alyssa


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