Byron’s First Birthday

Byron is a year and a month (almost). Do you keep counting months past a year? It just seems a little complicated to me. Well back when he was just a year old, we spent the day celebrating him and he had no idea, but I think it was his best day of life so far. dsc_0616dsc_0402Byron has 5 girl cousins. The two oldest spent the morning at school (1st day back after the summer…blah) and the youngest slept in a stroller. However, Kenzi and Elizabeth spent the morning with him enjoying the warm weather at the splash pad. dsc_0422dsc_0432dsc_0493We tend to visit the splash pad regularly because it is walking distance from our house and Byron loves looking at more people than just me in a day.  dsc_0557dsc_0593dsc_0552 Jason, the rockstar husband that he is, made lemon cupcakes with lemon curd filling and lemon buttercream frosting…all from scratch because it is fun (??) for him!dsc_0610dsc_0591dsc_0633dsc_0657Byron liked the sugar (on his face and not on his hands…until later), but he couldn’t contain himself when he saw his cousins riding in the trailer. This boy loves to move. He quickly gave up the rest of his cake and attempted to squirm his way to join them. As is typical of every good party, he ended the night riding circles around the backyard with his cousins. dsc_0659I made Cordell carry the balloons so that we could never confuse these pictures for any other normal night with backyard lawn mower rides. Truth be told, it happens often, but typically it is the adults piled in the back (1200 pound limit.. woot woot).


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