Bike to Work Day Denver

Hitting you twice this week with Commonwealth updates, but I just want to share all the fun. The “ups” are definitely worth sharing to remind us of all the fun this is and can be. Denver celebrated “Bike to Work” day on Wednesday. Jason, Ryan and I woke up at 5 am to serve coffee to bikes on their way into work. There were stations all over the city and we were happy to serve coffee at ours. There were pancakes, smoothies, sausages, and even a bike mechanic at our station. I forget how much I love mornings in the 2 work-005 bike 2 work-003 bike 2 work-004 bike 2 work-006 bike 2 work -001 bike 2 work day bike 2 work-007 bike to work bike 2 work-002 bike 2 work-001 bike 2 work bike 2 work-008

I also love getting to see Jason and Ryan interact with people. They do primarily wholesale right now, but both of them long for the coffee shop atmosphere. Jason comes alive when there are people around to share his product and hard work with. I can’t wait until they are able to open an espresso bar in the front of their roastery.


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