Commonwealth Space Progress

new space-004 new space-005 new space-002 new space-001 new spaceStarting a business is hard, stressful, full of ups and downs (people always say that and oh how it is so true), but it has been worth it. I won’t say that we haven’t been emotionally and physically exhausted on an almost constant basis. It has become our current normal…for better or worse, but we are learning to handle it. The guys have been working hard trying to finish their new production facility and future espresso bar. The walls are painted (thankfully…painting is my least favorite “make it look new” task) 2 shades. The original floors were uncovered revealing beautiful light toned wood. I have tried to contribute my expertise and assistance when available, but mainly just sat and encouraged the process. It won’t be long until this space is completely transformed with all the beans, bags and equipment. It is all just such a fun process….not always during, but in retrospect!


One thought on “Commonwealth Space Progress

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