Exploring Denver on Two Wheels

I am so happy about my bike, but I think Jason might be even more stoked than I am. He has been looking for a road bike for me for a long time. We just happened to stumble upon an amazing listing on craigslist Friday and picked it up that night. Though I am not into all the brands that Jason is, I am excited that my Romic was handcrafted in Texas back in the 70s. We took it for a spin over the weekend and I was amazed at how much easier it was to ride. I have a wonderful Raleigh in a pale pink with mustache handlebars….that I love. Unfortunately, it is heavy and not fit for traveling on the roads. I have tried to ride it long distance with Jason, but I always tire super fast. Basically I am super pumped about riding my bike and Jason is too.new bike-004 new bike-003 new bike-006 new bike-007

I will always wear a helmet when I ride (don’t worry mom)…Jason does too. This was just the first ride and we stayed off of streets mostly because I haven’t bought a helmet yet. new bike-005new bike-010new bike-014 new bike-012

Jason is currently trying to convince me to bike with him all the way to Texas!! I have only committed to short trips into the mountains to camp. I just love the idea of actually strapping things to the rack on my bike.  new bike-013 new bike-011 new bike-008


That is great, I just wanted to add...

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