Etsy Finds: Got My Bike on the Mind

This past weekend, we bought a bike for me. My first road bike. All I can think about is all the pretty things that I would love to add to it. Jason and I took it out over the weekend and I will share more about that tomorrow.

Bicycle Gear: Etsy Bike Accessories 1. This reflective helmet bow is just too cool. Why not dress up your helmet. 2. I know it is cliche, but I do want a bike basket. Though I think I can make one with a thrifted basket and leather I already have. Fingers crossed. 3. I am not sure what the purpose of this bicycle art is and I am not sure it is practical, but it is appealing. 4. I have a rack on the back of my bike…this leather case is perfect.

Dresses I would love to ride in*: etsy vintage dresses


5. This floral pattern dress is just perfect to match the flowers I might put in my homemade basket. 6. Blue is one of my favorite colors to wear and this simple dress is so easy. 7. I love the length on this bright blue dress because it would definitely cover on the up pedal.  8. I love this one mainly because white won’t show sweat that might accumulate…but I guess it might show other things.

*I am still skeptical that this is possible (though Naomi and Elsie both do it often). My bike has the “boy bar” as I like to call it…although, Jason has informed me there is no such thing. I am just used to the slanted bar across the middle. If I ever stepped off the seat, my dress would be up at my waist in no time. I will do some research and maybe some trials and let you know the results.


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