Dad: A juvenile poem by his adult daughter

In college when I was trying to avoid doing homework, I would write little, silly poems about my friends. They had no technical merit, but they were personal stories of our friendship. I started a little tradition of giving them to my friends on their birthday. I know it was their favorite gift….always (why wouldn’t a poor college student want a poem about our friendship on their birthday? I couldn’t think of a reason 🙂 ). Therefore, it made complete sense for me to write one for my dad for father’s day…in place of cleaning.


Oh boy oh boy, Are the thoughts I have now

As I attempt to express in rhyme how

Much you mean to this once small, now tall miss

I’d still stand on your toes to give you a kiss

As a little tyke, I crafted and submitted to the fair

All my artwork I had colored with such care

Outside the lines was the best I could do

But blue ribbon Guy Smiley meant so much to you

We’d adventure together near, far and wide

Small as I was, always by your side

“Want to explore?” with you always “yes”

Try something new, i’d expect no less

My birthday we’d share while away for work

You’d plan it special, full of quirk

Driving to Kansas we’d process all of life

I’d ask many questions, vent all my strife

College came and I moved one hour away

Not too far, but far enough i’d say

I missed you immensely, all full of emotion

So I wrote you a letter, oh what a notion

You felt so young and wanted to explore

Backpacking with you, I couldn’t ask for more

You showed off, identifying animal poop

With slight of hand, you fooled the group

Ideas on business we continually share

We love to start companies, what a pair

Following your footsteps, maybe I am

Trying to earn more than enough to pay uncle Sam

100 dollars you gave me all in good fun

It was just paper, its worth: none

A game we started, hiding it here and there

Its value was now an item so rare

It’s true I cried constantly on my wedding day

But most were the tears as you gave me away

Quickly I slipped the 100 in your pocketed palm

Marriage wouldn’t end the game, so keep calm

If not for you, I don’t know who i’d be

I love you so much I am sure you can see

You have loved me well, for that I am glad

You will always be my ‘old maid’ dancing dad

Love, Lys 2-3057










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