Our Love Story: Part 1

Let me just put this out there, before I begin: I believe that Jason and I have the best and most thrilling love story ever. Though some of the following events might sound outlandish or over exaggerated, I want to assure you that they are true. Please read everything that follows with high enthusiasm and a British accent…if possible.

Growing up, I had decided that I couldn’t really be trifled with the affections of boys. I was attracted to several boys throughout the years, but I always convinced myself: that they would hold me down, it was never going to last, I had too many adventures ahead of me. Middle school and high school, I held the same perspective. our story p1.jpg8This all changed when I reached college. I was on to a big city, I could reinvent myself however I chose and I had decided that I was going to be the “best friend” or guys and really build a relationship through friendship first. I was convinced (from all the chick flicks and books) that that was how a great marriage material relationship worked (“Clueless” “Legally Blonde” and every other late 90s early 2000s movie). Love at first sight was sweet, but I was grounded enough to know it just wasn’t reality. However, it didn’t work out like I planned. I made great friendships, but I knew that was all they would ever be. So at the end of my first college semester, I decided that I was going to stop planning and enjoy college. our story p1.jpg6

By my junior year, I had tipped the scales at 3 relationships throughout my life and I had started noticing a few trends. Trend #1: All my relationships started in the spring semester of a normal school year. Every. Single. One. I guess that is my good season…I do come alive with the bright daily sun. Trend #2: Every Spring semester relationship was started after deciding between two suitors. Again, I guess the Spring was my really good season. Without fail, there would be two men that would try to develop a relationship with me in the hopes of leading to a dating relationship. <—It all sounds so proud of me to say I was desired by 2 men, i just think it is incredibly funny. I swear I didn’t send out a mating call or anything (I never even wrote “single” on my facebook page….remember those days?). Trend #3: Every guy I dated drove a different style of vehicle. The first had a van, the second an SUV, the third a truck. Since all three of those relationships amicably failed, I was convinced that my sole mate had to drive a car (joking, but I can’t say it didn’t cross my mind).

After those relationships, I decided to take the Spring of my junior year off…literally and figuratively. I actually moved away from Dallas and volunteered with a ministry in a small town for the semester and I made a pact not to date anyone while I was there. I mean I couldn’t help it if they came…Spring is when I flourish, but I wasn’t going to entertain any suitors.our story p1

I went back to Dallas after a restful Spring and Summer away in order to finish out my college degree. I had renewed perspective as well. Side note: Although this is all about my interactions with the fellas, that was absolutely not all that consumed my thoughts and time. I was ready to excel in my classes and have the most memorable time outside of them. I lived off campus and stacked all my classes in the mornings. So I would drive past a little doughnut shop every morning on my way to school. One Tuesday morning, I planned to meet my friend on campus for a doughnut breakfast. When I got to the shop, I was overwhelmed with the amount of choices that were available to me (if you know doughnut shops, you know the old idiom is true: if you snooze you lose). I went ahead and picked out a two dozen assortment of doughnuts. Naturally we enjoyed our breakfast and naturally we had a dozen or two left over.our story p1.jpg2 Knowing they wouldn’t last through our classes, we decided to hand them out in front of the main classroom building (I went to a small college). While yelling “free doughnuts” and “your day will only be fun if you eat one”, we were able to hand the doughnuts out in a matter of minutes. People were thrilled. What college student refuses a free breakfast made of only sugar? None that we met. My friend and I decided it would just make sense to start doing this every Tuesday. We split the cost and started meeting at school right before the classes started to hand out free doughnuts. Ergo Free Doughnut Tuesday was born.our story p1

It was on one of these free doughnut Tuesdays that I encountered Jason for the first time. I was running slightly late with the boxes of doughnuts and was in a big rush (the responsibility I felt to the receivers was huge). I had to park my car in a different lot than normal and was prepared to hike up a huge hill. I quickly shimmied out of my explorer and started speed walking the hill. I saw one of my former roommates walking down the hill with a guy I had never seen before. I started to wave and my napkins started to blow away. The guy quickly stepped on a few and gathered the others saying “oh, no, your napkins” (His first words to me). My heart was racing. I had no idea why I felt so nervous and excited and embarrassed all in one. That is when I noticed he was wearing cut off shorts and a worn t-shirt and his bearded face carried such a laid back ease. I was taken with him in that moment. Now, I gave you all that background on me so that you would understand that I am not a overly romantic sort. I have always said…half joking and mostly serious…that for me, it was love at first sight. our story p1

I was smitten and he consumed my thoughts the rest of the way up the hill. Those receivers had never been handed a doughnut with more enthusiasm. My goofy zeal was contagious until I realized the one glaring problem: It was still the Fall semester.

*to be continued…



2 thoughts on “Our Love Story: Part 1

  1. We need to do donut Tuesday again! So crazy, I didn’t realize this is when y’all met!! I guess it would make sense that he would be attracted to a bright-sun-shining-smiling girl with free donuts! 🙂 – Sarah The Bomb Allen


    • Haha, I was trying to act coy, but I was burning with desire 🙂 you know how it is.

      Remember all our dreams of “pay it forward” type gestures?


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