Living our Garden Dreams

DSC_0378-003 One of or unspoken stipulations when we were looking for our first home in Denver was having a yard. We had decided it wasn’t possible to live in the areas we wanted and have a yard. However, we found the most amazing place and it had the yard we had wished for. DSC_0374-007garden-011 Jason wants to plant a garden every year. He wants to grow his own vegetables and use them to create amazing meals. Our landlord was thrilled at the idea. In the beginning of May, Jason went to work tilling, soiling, and planting the garden. He admittedly went a little crazy with the amount of seeds he planted; hoping that at least one thing would grow.  We thought we were planting a little late in the season for plants to grow like we wanted. However, on Mother’s day this year, we had a major snowfall. Jason tarped the garden and made sure to shake the snow off the tarp every few hours. He even took the temperature of the ground…he is really pumped about that garden. The following week, we saw sprouts and our garden has been growing ever since: garden-004 garden-001He planned the garden to sit right outside our bedroom window. We lay on our stomachs and peer down at it almost every morning. It has become a sort of tradition. 
garden-003 garden-006 garden-010 The garden has survived almost weekly hail storms and even a small infestation. I personally can’t wait to grab greens every morning to juice. I’ll leave the incredible feasts to Jason.


2 thoughts on “Living our Garden Dreams

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