Bedroom Dreaming: Collected and Cozy

Several weeks have passed by and I don’t feel like we have gotten much closer to finishing decorating our home (aside from the nook). When we first got married, I went crazy trying to get the house settled. I bought furniture that we didn’t need and wasn’t that neat, I found objects that looked crazy in our space. I convinced myself this time that it was fine to decorate slowly and curate a space that we loved. Now I am kind of thinking I was a little to laid back about it. The office is still a work in progress, but it does stay clean most of the time. The office and our bedroom are my top priorities and I am mentally tuned to the task. Here is the bedroom:bedroombeforebedroombefore-001

Now here are a few ideas and inspiration that I am leaning towards. I want it to feel very comfortable and cozy, but have a collected and quirky charm to it.  I want Jason’s bike to feel like it belongs.bedroom dreamingI love the idea of a white comforter/base layer and then building on top of that with colorful throw pillows and quilts. I love the quilts in this Etsy shop. Obviously I would choose more neutral colors and less girly florals.
bedroom dreaming2 Though I lean towards more of everything (cozy factor), I love how this is so collected and lived in. bedroom dreaming5 I think it would be fun to play with the curves of the walls by hanging fabric or pom poms.

I am building my collection of ideas and I hope to devote good chunks of time to the bedroom this weekend.

Pics: 1, 2, 3


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