This Week: We Feasted With Friends

scored 5Heard of an amazing estate sale this morning and made a quick trip. I was happy to fine a few amazing things including this old orange spirit cardigan and “amputate your fingers” fan. I had to do a little digging to find both.

As I mentioned earlier this week, Jason and I were in Arizona over the weekend. It is funny how quickly my body has adjusted to cooler weather. I was raised in Texas and could handle the hot humid summers. However, visiting Arizona (similar climate) I was such a baby and wanted to stay in the air conditioning the whole time. It is neat to think that we adapt to our environments. <–Very cool how our bodies were made.

We had a fun week of dinning with new and old friends. On Tuesday, we enjoyed incredible food on the back patio of some new friends’ home. They both work in the wine industry and were happy to share. I don’t really enjoy alcohol; I never developed a taste for it. That being said, I commented to Jason how I drank more wine this week than I have in my entire life (3 glasses over the course of 5 hours) . For some wild reason, fancy wine doesn’t burn and actually tastes sweet. On Wednesday night, we hosted “family dinner” (a regularly occurring dinner with our close friends) and shared a few bottles of wine that Jason had traded coffee for. They were also rather fancy and smooth and totally to my liking. Basically, I am realizing that all this time, I have just had too fancy a palette (can you pick up on the sarcasm in that statement?).

Commonwealth Coffee update: Word on the street is that the bags are in California and will be shipped to us by Monday of next week. We have waited with great anticipation to be able to “complete” the branding for our customers. As a result of that news, we have a few more out of state shops that are ready to serve our coffee and display our brand. The new workspace is still in progress and I will continue to wait to take photos until there is a little more reason to it. Starting a business is scary and hard and oh so exciting all at the same time and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Enjoy your weekend!



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