This Week: We have played catch up

This week has flown by and we both feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Recently, Mondays and Fridays, the days I devote solely to Etsy, have quickly filled with endless other tasks. I am happy to say that this Friday has been devoted to travel. We are off to Arizona where the rain is scarce and the cactus are a plenty (or would that be cacti? should I know?…my mom is an English teacher). It is a quick memorial weekend trip, but we are excited to spend time with family.

GardengardenGardenHave I mentioned that we have a garden? It weathered the snow on Mother’s Day and is currently weathering hail (fingers crossed). I will do a better update on the garden soon. Jason has been constantly processing emails and phone calls this week. I cannot guarantee that he isn’t just calling buddies (double negative…she taught me well), but I am so impressed with him. I actually strongly dislike phone calls. I am perfectly happy talking to people and I think I am pretty good at it when they are standing in front of me. I haven’t psychoanalyzed enough to know why talking into an object makes me so uncomfortable, it just does (indirect apology to those long distance relationships I have unintentionally neglected).

So as you can see, this week has been extremely exciting and completely worth your time reading that just now.

Here are a few posts that I have enjoyed reading this week:

These book suggestions by Emily Henderson

This Quiche recipe by A Beautiful Mess looks amazing

Savannah’s living room redo makes me long for a fireplace

I love the pictures from this Free People shoot featured on Kelli’s blog

The English cottage featured on Isobel’s blog has become my dream home




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