Buy or Borrow: Foreign Movie Edition

Here’s to taking a break from books (really sad concept) and enjoying a little visual entertainment. I have explained several times that I really love books, but I also really love movies. I am a super big visual learner and naturally the visual arts appeal to me. It seems like Jason and I can’t get enough of fun, quirky, whimsical shows lately. Here is the run down:

buy or borrow moviesReally spoiler: I actually recommend all of these!

Populaire: I think I have told any and everyone about my love for this movie…they should pay me. I am a walking advertisement with endless enthusiasm. This movie is so cute and quirky. It is a French film (don’t be scared of subtitles) set in the 1950s. The story centers around a small town girl and her typewriter. The clothing is so fun, the story is so fun and all you can do is giggle. It isn’t a masterpiece in storytelling, but we don’t care because all we can do is picture ourselves in that time. This is a must watch, but they don’t make a US version to buy. Luckily for you and everyone else I come into contact with, it streams on Netflix.

Romantics Anonymous: Yet another quirky, sweet French film. When we first got Netflix, this might have been the movie that started our binge of French films. We hadn’t realized how sweet some of the french movies could be. This story is about a woman who seeks work at a struggling chocolate factory. She tries to overcome her past and help the nervous owner move forward with his future. So sweet and delightful. Definite buy and they sell the US version.

The Paradise- This isn’t a movie, but I had to include it. Jason and I shamelessly stayed up until 4am one evening (morning) finishing this series. It is a British show about the first department store. It deals with the class system, entrepreneurship and love. It was so intriguing  and we couldn’t help ourselves. However, I am not sure I would watch this again and again like the aforementioned French films.  I would suggest borrowing this or just watching on Netflix.

The Intouchables– That is not a typo…it is just another French movie. This was more of a surprise success. Although it has high ratings, the description didn’t exactly draw me in. It is about a wealthy quadriplegic who hires a con man to be his caretaker. I know you won’t get it from my description, but this was a beautiful and hilarious movie. We laughed so hard at the dynamics of the characters in this film. If you still aren’t sure, I suggest you borrow, but if you trust my judgement to this point…BUY <–you will not be sorry!

Anyone have suggestions for other foreign films I should watch?

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