A Great Reason for Doughnuts

I love everything about doughnuts. I love their smell, their color, their bready texture. I think my love started when I would have sleepovers at my grandparents’ home. I would always intentionally wake myself up early so that I could be the first to sit in my Granddad’s lap to watch cartoons. First come, first sit was the philosophy my brother, sister and I lived by.  The first would also get to create the list of desired donuts for that mornings feast. Doughnuts encompass so many warm feelings for me. I even had a breakfast/doughnut bridal shower. I love any valid or invalid reason to get donuts. Therefore I promised my nieces that if they made their bed every morning for 7 days, I would take them to Voodoo Doughnuts as a reward. My older niece was the first to complete the task and we enjoyed an intense sugar rush together. doghnut date doughnut date-007 doughnut date-006 doughnut date-009 doughnut date-005 doughnut date-008 doughnut date doughnut date-001 doughnut date-002 doughnut date-003 Side Note: I grew up in Texas and every shop there frosts/fills/decorates their yeast doughnuts. Now that I am in Colorado, I have found exactly one shop (Voodoo) that does doughnuts this way. All other shops decorate their cake doughnuts. This seems so unreasonable to me since after eating only one cake doughnut, I am full. Maybe it is better for my body, but I eat doughnuts for my soul. Is decorated cake doughnuts the norm?


That is great, I just wanted to add...

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