10 Things to Buy Used

If you don’t know by now, I love thifting, resale shopping and estate/garage sale -ing. Every store/house is like a mini treasure hunt for me. Maybe you get it too, but it is just so thrilling to hunt and find little and large treasures. I do scavenge for treasure often and as a result I have 10 things that I would always suggest trying to find used first. It will not only save money, but also allow you the excitement of your hunt.

10 things to buy used-0041. Leather Shoes- You can find endless amounts of shoes preowned, but the ones that I feel hold up the best and will continue to last you are those made of leather. Leather sandals of all type are easy to find in the summer and leather boots can be acquired in the fall. If you are worried about the “used” part, simply wipe the insoles and insides with leather wipes.

10 things to buy used-0062.  Interesting Smalls- Decorating your home is a delicate balance of color, shapes and materials. The best place to find the exact smalls (small decorative decor) I didn’t know I needed is from thrift stores. You can curate an amazing collection for almost nothing and you can afford to redecorate anytime you choose.

10 things to buy used-0093. Hardback Books- I have mentioned before that Jason is working on a library in our home. Used is our favorite way to buy books. Estate sales are gold for great hardback books. You can find the most wonderful covers and the most common and uncommon titles.

10 things to buy used-0034.  Standout Accessories- I really love color, but what I love more is to pair every outfit with at least one interesting detail. Normally I go with a scarf, pin, or bag. Anything that becomes the “pop” for my outfit is a score. I have found accessories that I couldn’t even search for because I didn’t know things were made that cool. A standout can be current style or something that has lasted for ages. <– those actually become my favorite because of their one of a kind status.

5. Hangers- This is such a small thing, but I seem to need hangers fairly regularly. Whether you want colorful plastic (my choice) or solid wood, they can all be found used. Specifically, you can find wood in almost every estate sale.

10 things to buy used-0086. Diy Projects- You can find new ideas for projects all over the internet. The best place to find the perfect supplies necessary is in a thrift store or estate sale. The items found can also inspire new ideas to try. Mason jars, fabric, scrap material are commonplace in these sales.

10 things to buy used7. Wood Furniture- Furniture is all over resale, thrift and estate sales, but I feel wood will last you the longest. All of the individual chairs in our home are used. They are wood, they are so sturdy and they are full of character. My favorite hutch I found used and simply painted.

8. Luggage- Just because you don’t like the idea of hard case, single handle luggage, doesn’t mean ignore this number. Estate sales and resale shops are prime for sturdy luggage and pricey bags. You can find lifetime pieces and big investment items at a fraction of new price and in excellent condition.

10 things to buy used-0059. Major/Minor Electronics- Again, don’t automatically think that estate sales and thrift stores only have old items. You can find amazing, barely used items in these places. Many estate sales that I am a part of are people who are moving or simply downsizing. Their homes are full of new items and are still sold for a fraction of cost. Hint: Get there early, this stuff generally goes first.

10 things to buy used-00710. Unexpected Storage Solutions- Until we moved into our current treetop cottage, I was always in need of ways to store things. I hated the idea of ruining my “room feel” with plastic storage containers or boxes. I was able to procure endless and unexpected storage at thrift stores and estate/garage sales. I found pieces that can be rotated and repurposed all through out our home without ruining the appeal of the space.

I hope you are able to find amazing things and pay way less than you ever thought was possible. One last piece of advice: don’t settle. Take your time, stores restock everyday. New estate sales happen every weekend. Look until you find what you love…it will probably only take a couple of weeks. If you aren’t patient,  you will end up restocking the shelves with the same items you bought and decided against the week before.


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