Lemon Vanilla Cronuts

After watching all the Sorted videos online last week. We decided that we would try our hand at cronuts based on this video. When I say we, I mean Jason. He is amazing in the kitchen and everything just comes so naturally for him. We invited the family over to taste test the first attempt them.cronuts-001 cronutsHe varied the recipe a little when it came to filling and icing the cronuts. For the filling, he made a vanilla custard from Julia Child’s book Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The recipe can be found online too. cronuts-002 cronuts-003For the icing, we went with a lemon glaze. Jason’s family has an amazing lemon sherbet recipe that is made quite often in our house. As a result, we have plenty of lemons in stock. He just mixed fresh squeezed lemon juice with powdered sugar to make the lemon glaze. We drizzled the icing over the cronuts leaving plenty on the plate. Luckily, Jason taught our niece the most efficient way of licking the icing off the plate…using all of her fingers. cronuts-004


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