This week: We Slept on the Clouds…Comparatively

As you can probably guess from the title, I found a new mattress! We slept on it for the very first time last night (it had to be shipped to us…bummer that I had built myself up and then had to wait another few days). It was quite nice to be more than 5 inches off the ground and to never have to inflate the mattress. You might be tired of hearing about our home, but I am not tired of talking about it: our living room is taking shape. Jason and I were actually able to sit in there and talk last night. I also removed the several bags and boxes of donation items so we can actually see each other when talking.

DSC_0380-003In other news, Jason and I started the garden. One of the biggest perks for moving into this home was that we had a yard to garden in and Jason took full advantage. He made a huge garden patch and we planted around 25 different veggies/herbs. Jason will admit that he went a little crazy, but I guess we can hope that at least one thing will sprout. I am just so excited to have fresh veggies to start juicing again. Funny thing is this week it has already hailed twice. Little soft hail (nothing like the rock hard ice of Texas), but hail nonetheless. It is also predicted to snow this Sunday and Monday (May snow!!?? This is all so new to me). So maybe it is good that Jason bought so many seeds.

There new workshop is taking shape. Jason and Ryan moved in on Monday and are settling into the new space. They have great ideas on what they want it to look and feel like. The original hardwood floors make it look so amazing in there. I will photograph the space soon. The new coffee bags should be shipped out this week and they will be ready to use in a few weeks. You saw a sneak peak on my instagram and in yesterdays giveaway post. They are just so rad.

This week in links:

While trying to figure out how to make cronuts, Jason and I discovered this great youtube cooking channel Sorted. I am pretty sure they were already a big deal, but we watched for an hour straight and I had to share. They have accents and I love accents!  Jason also made this recipe and have been chowing down this entire week on the leftovers.

I knew the sun was killer here in Colorado, but I had no idea how intense it would be. I have had to apologize to several people recently because I either look like an unstable woman or like I’m pregnant <– I am neither…I promise, my eyes just water like crazy anytime I am outside. I have been on the hunt for some better sunglasses like: Ray Ban, Proof, BonLook <–Those are just my top picks and I will take any thoughts on the matter.

Paint by numbersI have mentioned my love for paint-by-number art before and I have a growing little collection. I would love to add one, two, and three, four to it one day.


How was your week?


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