Oh Hey, Hooray! Giveaway

oh hey hooray giveawayI am pretty excited to be hosting a little giveaway on Jenny Highsmith’s blog. Today, there is a little blurb on my business and why I do it as well as a giveaway. You could win 40% off a purchase in my shop as well as a free bag of Commonwealth Coffee (just a little gift from all the areas of our lives…minus a hug). You can visit her blog to enter or simply enter here. It is totally just for fun and anyone is welcome to enter.

Here is what you could win: giveaway

Fingers crossed that at least one person will enter (I just had a dream that no one wanted discounts and free coffee and I was so upset and started questioning everything that I knew about people…oh how I have such silly dreams)!

***Jenny is actually having her new baby today. So if you are the winner and don’t hear about it very quickly, don’t worry. She is probably just enjoying her new son!***


3 thoughts on “Oh Hey, Hooray! Giveaway

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