Reading Nook: Stamped Complete…For Now

reading NookMoving is hard work, but settling in is way harder..for me. I can’ t imagine the time and mental effort settling into a home that we own will be if it takes this much for our little rental.reading nook

Either way, I am happy to share our first almost complete space. The sad thing is this is just a corner of a room and not actually a room. However, since it has its own name (“reading nook”) I am happy to allow it the privilege of being a separate space.reading nook Reading Nook Reading NookOur idea in the future is to create shelving on the walls to hold all these books. Jason has quite a collection. You can probably pick out my fluffy fiction in these piles (generally they have the most colorful covers). I like the idea of using these shelves to be quirky, but we are undecided. We just know that whatever we do, we don’t want to damage the wood.reading nook Reading Nook The corner is dark despite the window, but I like all the color the books give the space (my books at least) and I think it makes it a bit cozier.

If you are wondering how many pictures are necessary to show a less than 100 square feet nook, the answer is as many as it takes for me to feel like there is actual progress in this place (sassy pants). I’d like to think that I am doing a service by allowing you to imagine yourself reading in that chair every morning with me every morning.


5 thoughts on “Reading Nook: Stamped Complete…For Now

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