Style 12: 70s Cinco de Mayo

style 70sI all but scoffed at the idea of wearing a jumpsuit when they first started resurfacing last year. I have a rather long torso, so two piece pants outfits are generally what I aim for. However, I have since found a couple of vintage romper/jumpsuits that are so easy that I have changed my abhorrent 70s style 70sstyle 70sI am not sure if you can tell or not, but these were taken in the whimsy room (aka office/guest room). I just wanted to point out that I got myself into gear and cleaned that baby up. I did it partly because I had a very unmotivated and unproductive work week in the mess and mostly because we will be hosting our first house guest this weekend! I love spur of the moment visitors. Anyone, everyone…come on over <- No, don’t. The rest of the house is still being put together. style 70s Jumpsuit-Vintage from GBV, Scarf-Bindya New York , Shoes-Unisa (same found here), Bag- Vintage GBV, Hair Clip-Anthropologie


One thought on “Style 12: 70s Cinco de Mayo

That is great, I just wanted to add...

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