This Week: Required a lot of Work

commonwealth coffeeDirt and trash and more dirt have consumed this week. I have been busting through the boxes at our home trying to unpack. I finally unpacked the last box yesterday!!!! (into a neat pile on the floor) and got rid of all our boxes. I had set aside yesterday as the day I would devote solely to organizing and beautifying the office/guest room, but that did not happen. Instead, my day was filled with many phone calls (all technical lame stuff) and many errands. I also caught up on several TV shows. As you can imagine, I feel very accomplished. I could work on the office today, but I am on a mission to get us a mattress. We didn’t want to have to haul our old mattress from Dallas and we didn’t end up having space for it anyway. So we have been living the dream on the air mattress since we moved in. Other than twice/night fill ups, it has been totally fine. Wish me luck with the mattress search. I feel like such an adult, I have never bought a mattress before…NEVER. I know you could jump to a lot of conclusions about my sleeping habits over the last 26 years, but don’t…I can explain later if there are major concerns :).

Jason spent the entire week working on the floors in their new workspace. It has taken a lot of time and manual labor for them this week, but I think the space will be beautiful and the original wood floors have so much character. I will post pictures of that soon. Jason came home in the evenings and I would promptly ask him to leave everything at the door and walk straight into the shower. I had to broom and shake his pants to get everything off. There is a lot of laundry to do this week.

In other news, that final steps of branding are almost complete for Commonwealth Coffee. We have been waiting on the bags to be done, but mostly because they were expertly designed and need to be expertly executed. Either way, the designs were featured on a design blog. You can see the photos and read a little about the work here. As hard as it is sometimes to start businesses and nurture them as they grow, I am loving the process. I can’t wait to share more and more about my experiences.

Enjoy your weekend!


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