This Week: Changes and a Little Honesty


Probably the biggest news this week happened to Jason’s face. He razored the beard off. I have only seen him clean shaven 1 (ONE) other time in my life and I admit, I was a little nervous. I may look young, but since Jason has a full on beard, I feel a little older normally. However, with the new clean face Jason, we look like a preadolescence married couple. It is definitely a fun change. A week later, his shadow is pretty full again.

Unpacking is still happening and it is S.L.O.W, but I like it that way. We are still trying to get the internet hooked up so I spend many hours at the library…which is, by the way, a place I don’t hate. I actually pulled up this morning to see a line of people waiting to get in.

I had a wonderful end to my week with a visit from one of my favorite people. We had an amazing time trying to fill all hours of our two days together. Can’t wait until we get the house in order and she visits again.

Short Reflection:

Since I haven’t had much internet this week, I thought I could offer a little reflection on this blogging experience so far.

I am loving using this blog to share my experiences and adventures. I also love that I get to constantly process things externally (even if it is just with a computer screen). I still have certain anxieties and fears regarding displaying my thoughts and passions with anyone who cares or doesn’t. I have several things that I would love to share about lessons learned and personal stories from my life, but I get nervous sometimes to sit down and write them. I am an over sharer for sure, but that generally happens with personal conversations and I am still “in control” of who hears those stories. For that reason, I think this blog is stretching me and challenging me to grow in new ways (especially in the “need to control situations” way).  I like seeing how my blog is changing and developing as I grow into the experience and began to enjoy this medium more. As I look forward to May, I am gearing up to get a little more personal and raw. We’ll see where that leads.



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