Office Dreaming

I am happy to report that everything has made it inside our new home, but almost no item has found its place. We quickly realized that we had more items than we realized. For that reason, we are so so thankful for all the amazing storage and built-ins that make our house feel less cluttered. I will be doing some lots of purging soon (it is actually one of my favorite things to do).

Currently:home office before home office before Home office before I made quick work of the white, fresh, open space.


Dreaming:home office Love the mix of bright white and color pops in this space. The rug is already a good starting point for this feel. home office 4This might feel like over stimulation to some, but I love seeing all the inspiration. I have put in a request for my dad to make a similar display for all my ribbons. I also love the use of the old wire baskets. home office 3 This idea for hanging unframed artwork is so wonderful. Those wood hangers are available at almost every thrift store or estate sale. I have already made a little plan for my paint by number artwork.

I still need to figure out a solution for guests sleeping over. I want something that is functional when no one is staying and comfortable when we have guests. Jason refuses to carry a vintage sofa sleeper up those stairs. And I allow him this veto since my bony arms wouldn’t help much.


That is great, I just wanted to add...

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