Now this feels like home

When asked how I am liking Denver, my response has been “I think I will like it more once we get our own space and I can start to settle in.” Well I can say with all joy that Denver is starting to feel more like home since we now have our own home. It is beautiful and delightful and all full of charm. Here is a little home tour in photos of our blank slate. I can’t wait to share all of my ideas and dreams for the different spaces in our new little home. homeI know I should realize those stairs are going to make moving a nightmare, but all I can do when looking at them is think they are the staircase to my dreams.home-001 home-005Without anything in them, it is hard to tell which room is which. The door opens into the living space which has a beautiul wood paneling. Access to all other rooms branches off of this area. The living space has tons of built ins and the best seat. Our bedroom also has a built in seat. I am so excited to play with blankets and pillows on these bencheshome-004 home-003The bedroom is large with lots of natural light. There is even a reading nook that Jason has claimed as his own. I still plan to have a hand in decorating it though. home-007 Despite all these amazing spaces, I am most excited about the first room off of the living space: the office/guest room. It is a bright white room with curved ceilings, built ins and tons of storage. I am not sure if I am more excited about having a room to create and plan my business or about having our bedroom be void of any work. 
home-002 home-006 I just can’t get over the charm in this place. I am ready to nest to the fullest extent. I cannot contain my enthusiasm. Look for more home and decorating posts in the future…I plan on documenting all the details and ideas.




3 thoughts on “Now this feels like home

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