All I Have are Nieces

This past weekend, we got to meet our new niece. All we have is sweet, adorable nieces and Elizabeth is no exception. We spent the weekend on walks, eating fun food and catching up… a lot. The Farrar family is made up of people who come alive late at night. This is a complete contrast to me and my joy for early mornings. However, I can say that I have come a long way since Jase and I first started dating. All the time together was amazing.ellie-005 ellie-001 ellie-004 ellie-009 ellie-007 ellie-008 ellie-002 ellie-006 ellieShe has big eyes, an expressive mouth and the most hair I’ve seen on a baby. She is perfect. I love being an aunt to only girls.


One thought on “All I Have are Nieces

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