Scored: I want I need

I haven’t posted one of these in a bit, but don’t be alarmed. I have been finding some amazing things and I now have the added benefit of rustling through entire houses to see what I can find. DSC_0364-004Image1. I am not trying to hint at something…I promise. I found these in a 12 months size and just had to get them for my niece this summer. My sister isn’t super big into vintage things like this, but I figure that is what aunts are for (getting nieces to try all sorts of things…obviously within reason)

2. I was beyond stoked to find these lace up J.crew boots in my size. I had a pair of Cole Haan boots that looked similar, but where too small. So I had been waiting to find a comparable pair. If you have never tried J.crew shoes, you should. They are just as easy and quality made as their clothing. Etsy is a great place to look for similar boots.

DSC_0366-0083. This was a lucky find at the house I was working in today. I have been at this same house since last week (yes, the one I moaned about), but today I actually uncovered a stack of things. I found Polaroid cameras and film, knife stones, and this beauty of a leather bag. I have been looking for a good camera bag. I have been using one of my purses, but I have wanted a place to store my camera and gear. This is great and large and leather. I love it.

4. I recently finished a book and I am so excited to start on Tell The Wolves I’m Home. I will admit, like other books, I was hooked on the cover alone, but I have heard and read great things about this book. I will share my thoughts once I finish it. I am way pumped to actually plan to have time to read. I often forget how much reading inspires new and thrilling thoughts (doesn’t that sound so silly…but sometimes I forget about my imagination).


That is great, I just wanted to add...

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