It has been a few weeks since Jase and I took a little weekend vacay in the mountains, but we haven’t stopped talking about it. I have spent every Saturday since thinking of the joy of ‘no time requirements’ and all the pleasure of simply cooking, reading and talking. I have tried to evaluate the possibility of regenerating a similar weekend experience here…in the city…surrounded by our work. It does seem a little idealistic and impossible, but I am committed to trying it. I have decided to make a commitment of a day a week without internet/TV/social media. This in an attempt to eradicate the draw of responsibilities…if only for a day. DSC_0370 I know it isn’t a huge commitment, but it does feel like a very large step. When I think of relaxing, I often think of vegging in front of the TV or browsing the internet, but I am trying to avoid both of those time fillers.DSC_0384

Essentially, it will be a success to me if:

-I spend more time reading books that are in my ever increasing bedside pile.

-I spend more time investing in personal relationships.

-I spend more time outdoors in the beauty that surrounds me.

I will try to document these days (of course not posting anything right away) and keep you posted on how this little challenge is going. DSC_0395

Does anyone want to join me?



That is great, I just wanted to add...

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