Style 8: Some People are Born Cool…

…and I’m just awkwardly quirky.

Here comes the embarrassing discovery: I take a lot of photos and a lot of those photos are of myself. I cringe just thinking at how vain that sounds. But these aren’t arms length shots in the bathroom (does that make it better? i submit that it does). Either way, I have noticed a little trend in pictures from the style posts I have taken. I somehow always end up trying to capture myself jumping. Oh, hello, I am in middle school again. So in the interest of going ahead and baring my embarrassing quirks, here is my collection of “fancy jumps” as I call them.


1, 2, 3, 4

If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can? (isn’t that how the phrase goes?<– Again, just quirky and awkward)

Crazy earth shattering news is that I relaized may not be too lame or i guess too unlike the rest of the world. I just read an article on another blog I enjoy all about Jumpology (justification…maybe?!)


2 thoughts on “Style 8: Some People are Born Cool…

That is great, I just wanted to add...

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