This week: I felt like a sink

colorado skyUnlike last week, this week was slow moving and constantly draining. How’s that for a bummer opening. I spent most of the week working at a house that was emotionally taxing. I had to remind myself of the joy that I experience after spending an entire day organizing, throwing out trash and making a space actually livable again (if only there were someone to live in it). <–Wow, I guess I should have put a disclaimer on this post “Caution-the following are the raw and to the point thoughts of an author who is tired and grumpy”.  If I haven’t mentioned it, I spend a few days a week  helping set up and organize for estate sales…hopefully that clarifies a little. Just to finish the weekdays off right, I just spent 45 mins on the phone with the bank trying to recoup some hidden fees…I might have gotten a little emotional and then quickly apologized.

Colorado, on the other hand, has had a beautiful week. There was snow all night and morning Thursday and then the temperature warmed to 50 in the afternoon. Those are some of my favorite days. It literally is the best of everything. Beautiful clean white snow and nice warm are the things I can count on to lift my mood. I also found a wine that I actually didn’t mind drinking. It felt light, but only mildly sweet. So booyah to my bummer week and on to the weekend.


I can tell I am in the spring mood when all I search for is “florals” like: this, this and this and I wear this

Lots of thoughts swirling on how to make my own girly versions of these: 1, 2 (maybe in a floral pattern)

A little focused on small space organization ideas. Been scouring the pages of this and realizing up is the best option

I have also been enjoying this new-to-me blog, you should watch these posts for fun

*I started the 100happydays challenge this week (I only missed 1 day…whoops). It has been a good reminder to be joyful and you should join too.







One thought on “This week: I felt like a sink

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