Saturday Night in the World of Coffee People

DSC_0364-001Jason had a little event/gathering for Commonwealth on Saturday night. Since I would be alone in the house, I decided to join him. We drove to Boulder to serve coffee at a gathering of other roasters and coffee shops in Colorado. DSC_0365-001 DSC_0374-001 DSC_0369-001 It is hard to describe the world of coffee people. It is one level to understand a Starbucks menu, it is another level to understand a specialty coffee shop menu (just cappuccinos, lattes and espresso), but it is a completely different world to understand the words that come out of coffee people’s mouths when they are talking to each other. Although I am learning, Jason still talks to me at the specialty coffee shop level (thankfully).  DSC_0380-001 DSC_0382-001It is better for me to just enjoy Jason (and Ryan) in their element and ask Jason later what it means to use a sock in coffee brewing.  I am so extremely proud of these guys. They love their industry, they love their product and they work incredibly hard to share their passion and educate others about coffee so that everyone feels included in the conversation.

DSC_0384-001In case you were wondering, beards are not a requirement in the industry…they are just a bonus.



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