100 Day Happiness Challenge

I just heard of this challenge via A Beautiful Mess blog. “Can you be happy for 100 Days in a row?” I quickly jumped to the website because of the word challenge. Something you will quickly learn about me is that i love challenges. They are so exciting to me and since I was in a  bummer mood that day, I convinced myself that I needed a challenge.Image

I read over their little explanation and my first thought was “I am not sure that I have the time or energy to photograph and post a picture of what made me happy that day” and i thought “I am not sure anyone will be interested in seeing that everyday” and that is when I saw this.Image

So not only did the idea of a challenge entice me, but now I felt quite challenged that I was one of the “attitude” failers…and I will not let that happen. This will be fun!

So I signed up to post on instagram and my start date is April 1st (today) and that means my end date is July 10th. I googled that so hopefully their math is correct. Image

You can follow along with me on Instagram: AlyssaFarrar and #hashtag your own happy days.


That is great, I just wanted to add...

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