Style 7: Home Working

style7.NEF-003 style7.NEF style7.NEF-001 style7.NEF-002

Top: J.crew, Jeans: J.crew Toothpick, Shoes: Laura Ashley

I spend most of my days working here in the basement. I photograph items, list them and then package those that sell. I can do all of that within 3 feet of my bed. It isn’t always easy to wake up and actually get dressed when the only things that will see me in a day are the 4 walls. Does that sound depressing? It can be sometimes. Therefore, I have had to make a little self-pact that I will wake up and actually get ready for the day before I start work. Reason 1: I actually get more done when I am dressed in something other than what I woke up in (anyone else with me?) and reason 2: If I am dressed to be seen by other humans, chances are I will make an effort to be seen. Just something that helps me focus and function productively. The one exception to my self-pact (or i guess it is better known as an addendum) is always wear cozy house shoes like: These, these or these


That is great, I just wanted to add...

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