This Week: Passed Faster Than Last

1st yearJust a little blast from the past to our first year dating. Now on to a snap shot of our week:

It seems like every week shoots by a little faster than the previous. This week was no exception. Coffee has kind of consumed our lives this week. Monday and Tuesday were marked by very late nights roasting and packaging coffee. It is so exciting that production is taking longer and longer because that means there are more sales. But, it is also a sign of a looming issue that some equipment might need to be super sized soon. Until that point, I am super proud of Jason for the long hours and late nights that he puts into this business.

I spent this Thursday evening getting to know a sweet friend. Building new friendships takes a lot of work and time, but it is fun when time flies by and you leave knowing that you just built a foundation for a lasting friendship. So fun deepening relationships little by little every week.

Recap of the links I have been spending time at:

I have been searching for cheap flights to Texas and Arizona lately and have spent many hours on Skyscanner.

Ready to try new things with my hair and have spent much time looking at these tutorials

Revisiting the benefits of this little bathroom helper

In such a jeans mood and have loved this and this style from Gap


I hope you enjoyed your week too





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