Shoe-Holic and Shop Sale

I think that it is safe to say that I have an infatuation with shoes. They are practical and necessary, but I love them for their ability to make or break an outfit. Jason remarked to me just last week that he doesn’t need anymore shoes (I bet my face dropped and my smile faded, because I love an excuse to purchase the great shoes I find). Then he quickly added “because you have already found me so many amazing ones.” What can I say, the shoe rack is always the first place I hit when I am in a store.

These days when I buy shoes I employ a few hard rules:

shoes1. Invest when they are well made:

This generally means that I stick to leathers, suedes, or unique textiles. Some of the best shoes I have found have been the ones that were made before my time. There quality is an easy thing to tell since they have lasted to this point. Some of my favorites (new and old): Bass, Sperry, Frye, Cole Haan, Anthropologie Brands, J.Crew

shoes-0012. Comfort means wearability

I know myself well enough to know that if a cute shoe isn’t comfortable, I will never wear it. I have thin heels (thanks mom) and therefore generally only wear heel/wedges that strap or tie onto my foot. Otherwise, I will be clip clopping all over because my heel won’t stay put. The shoes on the right I found at a thrift store. They don’t have any brand markings, but they have this insole that is ribbed and soft on the whole foot. I can actually wear those longer than some of my flats. Some of my favorites: Steve Madden, Toms, Keds, Uggs (<– they kill with comfort, style…I am still on the fence)

shoes-0023. Unique is invaluable

In high school and middle school, I used my wardrobe as an artistic extension of myself. If I could find amazing and different shoes, I would save to buy them. Sometimes this can be taken too far (clear plastic slip-ons that fogged when my foot sweat), but when you combine the first 2 points with this one, you have an unbeatable combo. As you can tell, I am really excited about the mixing of leather and intricate textiles. Some of my favorite places to look: Thrift Stores, Antique Stores, Boutiques and the most random shops.

**As a small point of shameless promotion, Giddy Bright Vintage is having a 25% off sale on all vintage shoes. There are some amazing shoes that just aren’t my size. Also, I want to clear out to make way for some new shoes that I am finding. Image



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