Buy Or Borrow: Colors of Spring

Here are this month’s thoughts on some of the books I have been reading. I was so happy to get to read so much while spending the weekend away.. It is really something that I want to do more often. I got home on Monday and quickly ordered and requested 3 more books that I have heard I should read.b or b2

Where’d You Go Bernadette- I will confess that I requested this book for Christmas almost solely on its cover appeal. The colors are bright the picture is simple and I felt immediately drawn to it. I began and finished this one over the weekend away. It is a very easy and fun read. It chronicles, through letters, the story of a genius (Bernadette) and her brilliant daughter (Bee) and husband (Elgin). It is a simple and delightful story that slowly reveals itself through the communications of the main characters. It deals with psychological issues in a light way and I still found myself trying to understand the characters’ minds. (that counseling brain). This one is a:  MUST buy

The Food Network Great Easy Meals- I mentioned this book last month, but as a reminder, this book is amazing. When Jase and I were in Dallas, I would use this book more than any other cookbook. I am not a natural in the kitchen. However, this makes everything so easy and the pictures are so helpful as a guide of what the end product should look like. As a visual learner and a novice, I cling to this in the kitchen. This is a: Buyb or b 2

Up Start Start-Ups- My dad actually picked this one out for me a while back and I recently picked it up and read all the way through it. It is a “get your mind churning” type of business book which doesn’t bode well for bedtime reading. I say this only because that is my normal reading time slot. I actually really enjoyed this. It is similar to another one of my favorite business books (The 100 Dollar Start Up) in that it visits story after story of start ups that have been successful and the lessons they learned. It even follows the rise of beautiful clothing and purse brand Kate Spade. I definitely liked this as inspiration and thoughts on business. However, reading it once is great: Borrow

Domino- Again, I was drawn to this because of the cover and the texture of this book. It is really pretty (basically if you want me to read a book, make the cover a light seafoam green/blue) Once I opened it, I was even more intrigued. The pictures are amazing and it has endless solutions and inspiration for your space. I love this as a constant resource to look over. I have been scouring the pages about small spaces lately: Buyb or b 2-001


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