Remembering our Wedding

It is fun walking around practically any store these days. They are all decked with green and a fair amount of gold in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Since Jason and I got married on St. Patrick’s Day in 2012, we can’t help but feel a little like those stores are celebrating with us (well, that is more how I feel…).  I am happy to welcome the celebration. That was such an amazing day. It was the exact wedding we wanted: full of our family, friends, laughter and a lot of color. For my own excitement and the opportunity to relive that exciting day, I thought I’d compile just a few of our favorite shots from the day.2-1164 2-1234 2-1632 2-1844 2-1990_2 2-2171 2-1300 2-2391 2-2442 2-2532 2-2661 2-27161. Laid back and getting ready 2. Documenting cousins 3. We’re doing it 4. Quick wind gusts  5. Perfect weather 6. Friends creating natural smiles 7. Eliciting his deep laugh and snort  8. Soaking it in 9. Success 10. I’m your wife 11. You smell handsome 12. Intricate reminders


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