Remembering our Wedding

It is fun walking around practically any store these days. They are all decked with green and a fair amount of gold in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Since Jason and I got married on St. Patrick’s Day in 2012, we can’t help but feel a little like those stores are celebrating with us (well, that is more how I feel…). Β I am happy to welcome the celebration. That was such an amazing day. It was the exact wedding we wanted: full of our family, friends, laughter and a lot of color. For my own excitement and the opportunity to relive that exciting day, I thought I’d compile just a few of our favorite shots from the day.2-1164 2-1234 2-1632 2-1844 2-1990_2 2-2171 2-1300 2-2391 2-2442 2-2532 2-2661 2-27161. Laid back and getting ready 2. Documenting cousins 3. We’re doing it 4. Quick wind gusts Β 5. Perfect weather 6. Friends creating natural smiles 7. Eliciting his deep laugh and snort Β 8. Soaking it in 9. Success 10. I’m your wife 11. You smell handsome 12. Intricate reminders


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