Who Have I Become?

Disclaimer: This is so silly and I do realize that.

I am semi-ashamed to admit it (I am admitting it nonetheless), but I have a little collection of future baby items nestled away. This isn’t that crazy for a lot of women, it is for me.  I have never been one to plan my wedding as a 10 year old or dream of becoming a mom. Nothing wrong with that, it just isn’t (wasn’t) me… at all. However, somehow I have garnered a little collection of future baby Farrar things (in an effort to sound less silly, I will mention that I didn’t walk into stores and purchase these. They were finds from my adventures). I have kept them partly because I really do think they are wonderful. And that part that thinks they are wonderful thought it would be fun to share them. On a distant day in the future, pregnant I can look at this and laugh. Future baby items

Poncho: Similar found here, Minnetonka Moccs: Here, North Face Baby Rain Suit: Here, Brass Rocking Horse Figurine: here

Seeing change in myself isn’t always fun, but in this case, I feel as if I am maturing naturally (though writing this post might show my immaturity, who knows). Or it is the fact that I miss my nieces so much. Either way, I can surround myself with fun baby things <–does that sound  a little creepy? 


That is great, I just wanted to add...

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