4 New Discoveries

I love stumbling upon new things. I follow certain people on instagram and other outlets just because they are always sharing new things they have found. Here are 4 things that I have discovered recently…4 new discoveries1. Ok, I get that I am 9 seasons behind the curve on this one, but it is delightful. Jason and I started watching season 1 on netflix and it has become part of our nightly routine. It is like brush your teeth, watch a Bones, snuggle in bed. I think I like it because it is less gruesome than a lot of crime shoes out there (while still fairly graphic, put the kids to bed) and more clever and silly. The characters are approachable while still being completely fictitious. <–seems impossible, but it is true.

2. Toms makes platform wedges. This is totally my speed. I have been craving someplatform wedges ever since I spotted the prettiest ones in Anthro a season or so ago. They were totally out of my price range and sold out before they ever saw the red pen of markdowns. These are so similar and just look like the perfect mix of casual and fancy. Plus, I just gravitate towards Toms (here, here) and wedges for that matter.

3. Dabble is an online resource for classes that happen locally. It is loaded with crafting, making, learning, and understanding classes. I have wanted to take a sewing class and an alterations class and this is the perfect place to find those classes with reviews from previous students. I am pretty sure anyone can list a class on there. It is just such a great database. Big fan, future student, I’ll keep you updated.

4. Naked Juice Green Machine. Again, way behind on the curve on this one. We got a juicer for our wedding so I have spent more time trying to figure out combinations to make myself and less time trying already perfected combinations. <–And this juice is just that: perfection. I am a huge apple fan and love apples as the natural sweetener in my juices. This has apples and about every other green veggie imaginable. If you haven’t tried this, please do…at least once. If you have tried it and are already a fan…welcome your newest member to the club.

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