Scored: Textiles

It was another productive week of scavenging. I found quite a few pairs of boots. This was completely surprising and thrilling. The weather here is still very cold with a lot of snowfall. I am not sure why people are ditching their boots, but I call it a victory for my feet/legs. I also found a few other amazing items.  finds 2sparkle tomsI was beyond stoked to find these for my niece. Jason game me a pair of silver sparkle toms a few Christmas’ ago and I love them.  TapestryThis was all rolled up and stuffed under a bunch of junk. When I saw the cream woven corner, i quickly dug. This will look stunning in our room 40s BootiesThese are so fun. They remind me of Mary Poppins. It seems as if they were polished in navy because the sole had a navy rub on it. Either way, I think these will be totally fun to play with. Scrabble TilesSo I found a vintage Scrabble game for the first time ever. Is it just me or are these almost impossible to find at thrift stores. I think people love them for the DIY’s that they can do with them. We have Scrabble already so that is totally what I plan on doing. Also do you like how only 1 word that I played would actually gain points. I was never very good at Scrabble.

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