The First Year is the Fastest…

…Baby I know” (isn’t that how the song goes?) Either way…last weekend I got to go home to Waco for a bit. Myniece was having her first birthday. Time had just flown by almost, it seems,  more quickly since we moved. Every time I am able to go home, I see that she has learned something even cuter than before. It is just too hard to forget when she was born and we heard the nurse through the door yell “Happy Birthday’. Kenzi Kenzi

Jason's proud uncle face melts my heart every time.

Jason’s proud uncle face melts my heart every time.

She was so tiny and is still small, but she has just become a little person. DSC_0121 DSC_0167DSC_0116DSC_0272-001DSC_0358-001DSC_0361-001Jason would constantly remind me that Kenzi would not remember me being at her first birthday. To which I assuredly replied “Well, I will.” What a sweet joy she is. As you can see, she thinks I am the best and most fun aunt.

Happy Birthday sweet Kenzi.


3 thoughts on “The First Year is the Fastest…

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