Hair Nightmares

I went back to sleep shortly after I heard the front door close. Jason had just left for early morning roasting and I was occupying the bed by myself. As I drifted off, I began to dream:

I had arrived just in time for my scheduled hair apt. I was directed to my girl and she asked me to have a seat. 3 Other women walked and were displaying body art from a marker done by a toddler. It was then I started to become a little nervous. Then the three women sat in chairs in a line and scooted all the way back in front of me…as if were the kaboose. They began a back tickle train. I did not participate and watched with eager as my woman walked up to me. She didn’t, however, take me to the chair to get my hair cut, but instead squeezed her chair in between my knees and the woman in front of me, scraping my knees in the process. I quickly got up and mustered all the confrontation I could and said “this is not right. You just can’t run a business like middle school slumber party. I am not comfortable here and I would like a refund and then I will be leaving”

I got into my car and began to drive, but none of the streets made sense. Finally, I turned a corner and had a feeling that I was headed in the right direction. But suddenly an SUV whipped onto my road from a turn and drifted into a perpendicular position to my car. That is when I knew I had to duck and speed away from him. As I was rounding a corner, I heard the gun and felt a jolt….as my alarm started to jingle.

I think it is safe to say I have anxiety about getting a haircut and just about my hair in general. Especially when I intend to change it and when it is a new hair dresser. I am not sure where this drama developed from, but I am not always sure how to combat it.

Here is what I looked like before:Long hairA good length, but way to scraggly. So… I am happy to report that I love my new shorter do.

DSC_0385 DSC_0386 Similar, but just shorter and healthier.Long hair is just so easy and it curls for me well. I aim to keep it. Bonus, Jason is a big fan of my hair long…even when it is extremely frizzed.  I went through most of middle school and high school (awkward phases) with short locks.  Back in the day I had an intimate and daily relationship with my flat iron. It was the only way…me at coffeehouse I am thankful how far I have come. DSC_0387


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