Buy or Borrow: Maybe I’m Nesting?

BooksI love books as you can see. They are so comforting to me. Even books I have on the shelf that I haven’t opened make me happy. It might be because I grew up around books. My parents loved books and actually had a business selling them. I also married a Philosophy major (“Reading Major”) who loves books.

Currently most of our books are packed in storage, but that hasn’t stopped me. I am a proud owner of a library card and I think I have averaged 2 trips a week.

Here is what I am reading:


1. Design Sponge at Home: I love this book. Not only is there loads of inspiration in the pictures, but also great ideas that are written and referred to. I could look through it 17 times in a day and find something new or insightful to try. It is filled with pictures of real people’s homes and then followed with tons of impressive and easy DIY’s. I think this is a definite buy. A great visual resource.

2. Food Network Magazine 1,000 Easy Recipes: I tried this book because I love the Food Network Magazine Great Easy Meals (buy this for sure), but I don’t love this one as much. The reason I love the Great easy Meals book is because it has a visual index in the front with the page numbers. This is perfect for me since I am slowly becoming more comfortable in the kitchen and would not know what Peach Melba is without a picture. The 1,000 Easy Meals book is more of a whole meal plan. I am not sure that I would ever have the patience or the time to create 4 of their recipes for one meal. Not as easy for me, but I will test a few recipes: Borrow

3. Reinvention: Sewing with Rescued Materials: I picked this book up because Amazon said I might like it based on my history. Amazon, gold star. I thought this book was fun and full of great ideas. It is totally current style and would be great to fill the home. I specifically liked the ideas for coffee bags since we have quite a load of those (thanks Jason). However, craft books are kind of 1 time and done for me. I learn to do something, I do it and then I mentally file it away. Fun projects: Borrow.

4. The Paris Wife: I actually already own this book. I asked for it for Christmas after I read the recommendation from another reader (link). I am about halfway through it. It is about Ernest Hemingway and his wife while they lived in Paris. So it is set way back in the 1920’s. I find myself wondering if they phrases and topics discussed are time period accurate. Also, I read it at night and I find myself getting a little confused on the story line. I talked to my friend over the weekend who lit up when I mentioned this read. So the verdict is still out, but check it out.


2 thoughts on “Buy or Borrow: Maybe I’m Nesting?

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