Scored: Leather

Being new in Denver, I have been on the hunt for the best thrift stores around. I have found a few great ones and I have bookmarked the discount days so I can be wise about which days I shop. A few weeks ago, on a trip to drop Jason off at the airport, I just happened to see Goodwill Outlet store. I had filed it away in my mind, but hadn’t visited yet because it really isn’t close by. However, one beautiful sunny Saturday, I set the intention to go without any real knowledge of what I would find.

Let me report, it was amazing. The adrenaline I get from digging and hunting for bargains at thrift stores is more exciting to me than any roller coaster or cliff jump (partly because both of those activities actually scare me).  The warehouse was blue bin after bin of items to search through. The bins in a certain row are switched out periodically and it is just madness and such mob mentality.  I have gone for the past two weekends, but I was just informed that they are open all week. That is not all, there are also 4 Denver area locations. I am overwhelmed with excitement!

Image1. Vintage Brown Leather Purse  2. Vintage Leather Portfolio 3. North Face Girls Jacket

Image4. Vintage Swimsuit (size 10…there is no way)  5. Vintage green hat w/veil (Wish I had when I got married) 6. Vintage Large Bag/Luggage (shop) 7. J.Crew Leather Boots…so so soft

Image8. Like New Toms in my size. Oh and just in case you were wondering, those are my “work from home” socks.

Pretty stoked on this weeks finds! Keep an eye on the shop for these vintage items.


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