Mountain Conqueror is my name

Right around the time I started college, Facebook was just becoming popular. No one really knew how to use it, including me. I even added 500 of the students from my freshman class before I realized what “friends” actually meant. It was funny when I would befriend some in person, they would automatically make the connection that I was the one who added them the second day of school. No shame….now.

A few more years into college, my roommates and I thought it might be funny to add crazy middle names. I became known as Alyssa ‘MountaiN ConqueroR’ (those last letter capitals were a big deal!). For a few months, I would be asked if that was truly my middle name, but soon that faded. Instead, I began to be referred to solely as ‘Mountain Conqueror.’ I kinda loved it. Just answering to it made me feel like I was brave.

However, I can say with full confidence that that is not always the case. In the middle of 2013, Jason and I made the decision to move to Colorado to start a coffee business. It should have felt like a dream come true. When asked what I wanted to do with my life, I would always respond “I think I would love to work in a coffee shop or cafe and just meet and encourage people.” However, I wallowed for a while. I wrestled with questions like “Do i remember how to meet people”, “Am I interesting enough to be of value as a friend” and “Will the Colorado air even make my hair look good” <–Priorities, I know. Jason has always been the “think it, jump at it” type. Where as I, though I hate to admit it, would rather let someone else go through something and report back to me. Fear was heavy in my mind until one day Jason sat down with me as I whimpered and explained that “this” was not me. I don’t let fear defeat me.

So here we are in a beautiful and frigid cold state. We own a couple of truly fun and challenging businesses. Furthermore, there is more meaning to the name I chose for myself in college: I conquer mountains and I am brave.



3 thoughts on “Mountain Conqueror is my name

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